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We are offering business and technical consultancy services to help you transform your business to embrace the digital oportunities.

Web Applications Development

It's our ferm belief that we can help start or improve your online presence with:

Company / Corporate websites

eCommerce solutions

Integration of online payment providers

Complex dedicated web services

API and data processing solutions

Website maintenance and support

Optimization and monitoring services

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Mobile applications development

We provide full development cycle from UI/UX design to publishing the app

We use the latest technologies on the market

We develop native apps, taking advantage of the full capabilities of the devices

We test extensively and work closely with the customer during our development cycles

Always trying to deliver the best-quality products that we are capable of

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Grow your business with online marketing

We will help you to be found or to find your customer's online using:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Facebook / Twitter / Google AdWords campaigns

Page analytics and insights

Newsletters and marketing campaigns

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Take the right decisions and stay ahead of the competition

At our clients' request, we develop products which monitor and collect specific data from a number of public-domain sources (social networks, blogs, forums, news and media outlets, lists of custom websites) and offer a range of custom visualization and API options. Using custom algorithms and a number of the latest technological advances in big-data, machine-learning and artificial intelligence, we are also actively developing solutions to automate:

Processing of large data sets

Analysis and reporting of specific KPIs

Document classification

Sensor and stream analysis and prediction

Real-time anomaly detection in data streams

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Look no more!

 We offer you our expertise of over 10 years of IT&C experience in various projects starting from servers configuration and network setup to enterprise applications development.

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