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Cloud and Virtualization

This is where you need the muscle !

All our online offerings are being hosted in a self-managed private virtual cloud system which accommodates the needs of IaaS and SaaS platform setups. Since our commitment is always Open Source, we learned to master technologies which are focused on Linux capabilities.

We are continuously monitoring our virtual infrastructure traffic and usage levels, for making sure that each virtual tenant will get the exact performance level he needs for his business requirements.

As the general tendency for virtual and cloud providers is to over-provision and over-subscription their resource as much as possible, we find it more important, for the long run, to provide a unitary level of performance by keeping our customers happy and by enlarging our infrastructure service to cope with everyday business needs.

Data Storage Infrastructure

Storage Systems are like a Long term memory !

We take it very seriously when it comes to storage systems and that is why we do not just use simple storage legacy systems like old NFS and Fibre Channel.

Our storage system is a distributed storage system layout which uses many different technologies from network to server to replicate your data on many nodes.

The goal for performance and solid I/O is only achieved by using Ultra Low Layer network switches which vary from 10, 20 to 56 Gbps transfer speeds, all together with the use of advanced core networking technologies like Multi-chassis Link Aggregation and Equal-Cost Multi-Path routing.


We are using a mixture of storage devices which varies from SATA, SCSI drives, SSDs to NVMe PCI-Express cards, tailored for each storage segment we need to address.


IP Network Layer and the Internet Access

Can you talk IP ? Yes we can !

The core foundation of a stable Data Center Network infrastructure design is where you build multi-tier application and traffic exchanges in your Core Network by the use of intelligent routing protocols like eBGP set on CLOS infrastructure.

Why should we go with a CLOS network design instead of typical Layer 3 – to Layer 2 design ? It is just because you need flexibility in traffic growth, better link utilization, better Quality of Service and Security implementation.



Using hyper-scale Data Center pattern designs is more complex but it is also healthier on the long run even if the initial cost of implementation is bigger. We can separate our sensitive traffic in virtual routing instances, apply different QoS and Security strategies and improve the latency and recovery times for keeping your traffic flowing through our systems.

Since we are a Content Provider (hosting provider), your business is our content-based traffic exported egreess, therefore we are using multiple Tier 1 and Tier 2 Romanian providers to service our egress connections in and out, powered by constant link and traffic monitoring exchange rates and package day-in and day-out , so in the end we keep your application jitter as low as possible.

Currently, we’re only supporting IPv4 addressing, but we already started planning for implementing IPv6 and Dual-Stack Addressing.

Data Backup and Off-site Backup

A data without backup is a data you afford on losing ! Keep your data safe !

From our past experiences we can tell for sure that many of us do not really understand the importance of a business or the data on which a business might rely, just until disaster strikes !

And for what is known that when the unfortunate cases strikes not once we have heard of businesses closing because their hosting providers were not offering  backup space for customer needs.



As we all agree, that it is always best to be safe than later sorry, a good idea in most cases is that the hosting provider should think in advance about his customers backup needs, even if the customer doesn’t know it !

We rely on backing up our data and our customer’s data on multiple storage system with hardware raid controllers and RAID 50 array configurations. We also mirror our backups to an off-site confidential location just to be sure we can assure our users of business continuity in worse case scenarios.

Never the less we always encourage our customers to backup their data!



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