We are BFProject

From small to complex... we just bring ideas to life!

In a nutshell our mission is...

Simple, keep our customers smiling

Always looking on the bright side of the tech performance improvements and keep on trying to satisfy our customer needs at all time.

Bright Future Project was born in 2012, bringing the Enterprise knowledge experience in working with various IT & Telecom industry fields like managing Customer Service Team, People Management, Business Analysis, Project Management, Project Planning, managing large scale Telecom Service Providers project around the world but last but not the least, managing software development for high critical application volumes and Artificial Intelligence systems.

A strong asset in a business to business environment is trust. This was one of our key foundation drive-in topics we tackled within our team but as well as with our customers.

3-Things we value most!

  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Good Communication

Therefore, we were able to reach our customers and their business through a very healthy B2B relation which was built on strong values that were needed to be in a inter-shared relationship between a service vendor and a customer for satisfying any scope requirements we had encountered.

Our mission, managed us to stand where we are today and keeps us going for more.

Over clients


Big Enterprise Projects

Years of Service

What we offer

Our Services

Why we do it is what defines us... not How, not What

Web & Application Hosting

We host from Simple to Complex Web Hosting Application and Framework Environments

Virtual Private & Dedicated Cloud Hosting

Since we operate our own technology, we provide to our customers with specific application and system requirements

Infrastructura & Application Monitoring

We monitor and supervise our infrastructure and our Clients software Applications

Cloud Accounting Services

Simple, easy and flexible Cloud Accounting services, build in mind with helping people

System Architecture Consultancy

We provide our technical expertise in building on-site/off-site custom application architectures for every needs

System & Network Implementation

What our help to redesign your network with better flexibility, security and scalability?

A glimpse on our DataCenter

Let's have an inside look

We might be small, but we do it well and with passion for technology

Diesel Power Generator

UPS Power System

DC Internet Router

56 Gbps Storage Network

FingerPrint Access & Security Door

Cloud Accounting Servers

Fancy Rack Cabling

Fiber Network Connections

Data Storage System


3-Phase Power Distribution-ATS

Enteprise Cooling System

We are doing More with Less but we don't neglect the Quality

Grow a good, healthy business and work smarter using our digital solutions .

How to reach us?

Our Contact Details

Write Hello or Hell-NO, Ring the bell or write your script

Where to find us

Dirijorului Street No. 57A District 1 Bucharest Romania
VAT Number: RO 305 22 146
Fiscal Code: J29/1211/2012

Want to reach us (WhatApp too)?

+40.725.977.268 / +40.725.977.266

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